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Our handmade rustic directional signpost's offer a great way for you to direct your guests around your Wedding or Event.

Each sign is handmade using recycled wood, each plank is hand-painted with the wording of your choice.

Our handmade signposts come with 2 Planks AS STANDARD, if you would like extra planks attached,

these cost £9 each per plank.


Each Sign comes with a stake (which you can either bang into the ground or place into a pot/stand). If you would like a stand for your Directional Signs,

these can be added for an extra £10.

The planks attached to your sign can either be left as a rectangular plank, or an arrow (left or right depending on the direction you need). 

Please specify the wording you would like on each plank and whether you want each plank left as a rectangle or with a left/right arrow when booking.

The planks are left as a natural wood colour with white hand-painted lettering (font pictured), please enquire further if you would like specific fonts and/or colours painted on to your sign & we can see how we can help!

(Please note, the maximum height of your sign will be 120cm).

Directional Signposts

2 planks (as standard) with stake £38

2 planks (as standard) with stand £48

Extra Planks- £9 each

+ FREE UK Delivery


- Our Directional Signposts are sent to you FLATPACK with the screws you need to attach each plank to the stake included. We will provide you with detailed instructions for your sign to make it a really simple process.

- No two signs are the same due to the nature of recycled wood, and because they are a handmade & hand-painted product.
- Waiting time before dispatch is usually 2-3 weeks on this item as it is a handmade, hand-painted product. Please get in contact if you need your item sooner, and we can see what we can do!


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