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Haynes Wood Revival was founded by Luke Haynes from a small back garden in Southampton, Hampshire in April 2015. It began as a hobby with his Grandad, who taught him everything he knows today! They started by providing furniture and planters to friends & neighbours, before expanding out to the local community through markets & word of mouth before turning it into a full time business. Haynes Wood Revival now offers a full Made to Order service for pretty much any product you require using sustainably sourced materials and professional craftsmanship to create high-quality, attractive pieces. Many products & projects have been completed over the years, each one with its own unique stamp & rustic touches which have all been lovingly handmade by Luke and Grandad Gordon!


In 2018, HWR expanded even further to provide another side to the business- Haynes Wood Revival Weddings! HWR branched out to the world of Weddings & Events with an Event Hire service after a close friend requested a range of handmade wooden props for their wedding day, which is when HWR Weddings was born! With the help of Luke's partner, HWR now provides a full range of wedding props & signage which are available to hire & buy for Weddings & Events! The wedding side has the help of Heather; the vision & creative brain behind everything wedding related! Heather hand-paints all of our signs as well as bringing everything together visually on the day. A visual merchandiser by trade, she has a passion for picture-perfect displays, and a flair for wedding styling. Together with Luke and Gordon; the practical builders & creators, we are able to provide the full BESPOKE service to couples looking for something specific to tie in with their big day!

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